Repairing is sustainable

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Mac repair

Whether it's your work tool, your playmate or your thesis support, your Mac has a unique place in your home.
iPhone repair

iPhone repair

Big accident, temporary discomfort or forced bath, MaClinic is at your service for all repairs and data recovery on your iPhone.

iPod repair

Ah, the iPod Classic, what good memories for the less young among us. A small size (for the time), a consistent storage and a nice autonomy.

Data recovery

Your data are precious and when a problem occurs, the loss can be terrible. MaClinic, with its expertise and specialized equipment, can recover your data.

Mail order repairs

Send us your equipment, directly from your home, using our mail order repair service.

Remote help

Our remote troubleshooting service saves you from moving your bulky equipment for small problems.

We make your devices smile again

We have all experienced the breakdown at one time or another. Of course, it's never the right time. Between a thesis due, an important presentation to make or a call we are expecting, our devices have become essential to our daily lives.

Don't panic, MaClinic is there to answer your problems. Small or big issues, improvement of your hardware or to configure your different software, we are at your disposal.

Repair is better than recycling

Extending the life of our equipment is more ecological and less expensive than destroying it to recover a few raw materials.

Repairing is learning

To know how a device works, nothing is better than to open it, take it apart and discover its components.

Repairing saves you money

Repairing a device is usually cheaper than replacing it. Having an device repaired or repairing it yourself allows you to make significant savings

Repairing preserves our planet

Natural resources are limited. They are not inexhaustible. The best way to save them is to reuse what we already have.

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